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"Once in while
Right in the middle of an ordinary life, 
Love gives us a fairy tale."

 There are so many moments of sheer magic on this day that need to be captured and   shared for generations to come! From "Getting Ready" to driving away at the end of the evening. Every moment is a treasure!

 No other occasion offers such a delightful range of emotion and expression as a wedding!


Aaron and Jordan Crowgey

Thank you to the Cooley- Crowgey Family who trusted me with their memories on July 20th 2013!  I had a great time with Jordan and her Mom capturing her bridal images and what a stunning dress ! Go to my bridal page to view her slide show. We ran all over Wytheville capturing some classy and fun images at the Crowgey Farm, the Major Graham Mansion and a beautiful private Drive on Fairview Road.
The wedding Day started at the Hampton Inn in Ft Chiswell where I got to see how fun the wedding was going to be ! Jordan and her Mom are obviously close , and as a single Mom, I really related to them! It can be hard to find good ideas for images in a hotel but Jordan was game for jumping on the bed and we found some good window light down the hall. :) 
The wedding at the Westwind Farm and Vineyard was so beautiful ! The alter was right beside the vineyard and we were very fortunate that it didn't rain as it has been raining every single day! ( Burying the Booze worked! Thanks Jack !) There was a funny moment during the ceremony when the preacher was saying "The storms of life" and just then it thundered and the wind picked up! Ha! (Got a cute shot of their expressions:
Jordan's veil was blowing in the wind, but looked so beautiful ! After the ceremony Aaron and Jordan agreed to some private time and we got some great shots of them in front of the cross her Daddy made for her and then we ran over to the vineyard for some gorgeous portraits right at sunset. 
Jordan and Aaron are just the sweetest and cutest couple!
The reception was a blast! Aarons mom is a dance teacher and so her students had the floor on fire with their high energy dancing! Everyone passed around the Jack and thanked him for a sunny ceremony despite  the thunder!
The cake was stunning and the flowers by Petals of Wytheville were so gorgeous and matched perfectly the light green and white theme of the wedding.

The sparkler departure was quirky and fun and matched the mood of the evening with Jordan and Aaron running from the double doors of the winery. 
It was all just a fun , beautiful , cute, sweet and charming wedding! Congrats to Jordan and Aaron! I know you two are going to have a fun life together! I am honored to have been chosen as your photographer. Thank you again!


Jordan and Aaron Ceremony Images:



Richard and Elizabeth Ayler

I want to thank Elizabeth and Richard Aylor for choosing me as their wedding photographer ! What an honor and a joy it has been working so closely with Elizabeth and her family to capture her Engagement, Bridal, Rehearsal and wedding Day!  I love it when I have a chance to get to know the couple more before the wedding as it helps me to know what they expect of me and what their personal style is ! I first met Elizabeth when my daughter and her were pals in the 5th grade and her personality has always radiated with joy and positive energy. That has not changed at all , as she has been one of the happiest 'Brides to Be' that I have met!
I am busy editing all the images this week , but wanted to post them as I complete each gallery. Here is the "Getting Ready" Gallery (below) 

The Reed Creek Farm was the perfect Venue for this beautiful wedding. It holds special meaning to Elizabeth as this farm has been in the family for over 170 years! I saw the farm 'before' they worked on it to prepare for the wedding and I know they put a lot of elbow grease into turning it into the  romantic vision that it now is! Of course the location was already perfectly decked out by Mother Nature with the Lovely Reed Creek to the left and the woods straight ahead. The farm house , Spring house and barn are just to the right, so a perfect setting !
Trees were cleared and grass was mowed and many repairs to the house along with getting the electricity and plumbing working !

Elizabeth and Richard are now on the beach in North Carolina taking a much deserved serene honeymoon ! I hope you two are loving every minute of your time alone ! Congrats and Best Wishes !!

Here is the "Getting Ready" slide show, the first chapter of their wedding day story! Enjoy!

Music:  "Heaven Knows" by the Tom Horner Project






The Ceremony was so beautiful and ,just as Elizabeth had assured us all "It's not going to Rain" and sure enough it stopped for the ceremony !
When Elizabeth walked down the aisle towards Richard it was as though the whole world faded away and they were lost in that moment of deep and joyful love for one another!
Here is the Chapter 2 of their Wedding Day Story


Music : "Love" by Brenda Harp




 Jessica Walters and Eric Camden who were married July 7th 2012.

The wedding was outside at Eric's family home and was just a beautiful location! The air was filled with the scent of Gardenias , the joyfulness of love and union with the ever present smiles of family and friends. Every detail was created with such thoughtfulness and beauty from fruit flavored water, a message tree, an amazing buffet of great food and drink and there were even flip flops provided for those tired feet ! Just a stunning celebration of love and life!!!
Thank you Jessica and Eric for choosing me for your photographer and thank you Cyndi for making the business side of this special event so smooth and friendly at all times.
I wish every wedding could be this amazing!
Best wishes for a long loving life together Jess and Eric!

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Thank you big-time, Sweet Lady,


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